Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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PURE, as the driven snow

FRESH, as a reindeer’s wet nose

REAL, as the wishes we have for the season of giving

It’s nearly time for 9 of the coolest reindeer get together to deliver the gift of giving all over the planet! Some people give gifts of jewellery, fashion, gadgets, and homewares. At Bubbles Organic we are illuminating like a Christmas tree by all things: Pure. Fresh. Real.

Created with positive energy, we have cultivated 9 A-MAY-ZING packs of pure LOVE. But, let’s have the 9 reindeers do the talkin…

First up is the boss dawg (or reindeer in this case) of all the other ladies (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) in the herd. They will share with you what makes them magical and what their favourite drink is to celebrate this special time of year.


Rudolph Reawaken Pack $99 
There’s a reason why Rudolph’s nose is so red. Firstly, he’s hot from having to navigate his posse of lady reindeer through the night—without being able to ask for directions—secondly, he’s fuelling his body with the magical offering found on everyone’s doorstop: Egg nog. That rum or brandy base combined with the protein of eggs, milk, and the high of sugar is sure to give anyone a rosy glow.






Dancer Dances Pack $35 img_0049
Dancer is just insatiable. Who can blame her with a name like that?! When Dancer delivers this Bubbles Christmas Pack of LOVE, you might want to check that your package isn’t wet, because you know her favourite drink is Pina coladas—and a there’s only one thing that goes with Pina coladas and that’s getting caught in the rain!






Prancer Perks Pack $30 img_0252
Now Prancer is a little bit of a worry. She LOVES rum and often hides a high proportion in rum balls. She may also be a little late delivering your little parcel of Bubbles magic. She totes has her eye on the Bundaberg Polar Bear. Scandalous…Iknow. Get perky with some our latest and greatest product based on the perkiest commodity we know: coffee.






Vixen Vows Pack $25 img_0088
Vixen is powerful and wily vixen. Would a Rosé, by any other drink, taste as sweet?! She vows to share the sweetness with a strong undertone in this pack:








Comet Capture $25 comet
The carefactor that Cupid feels for you is BIG. The only thing that can make it any bigger is if she has a Chardonnay to warm her smile. Cupid wants you to be happy and absolutely in LOVE: with yourself, with your reindeer partner—it doesn’t matter; it’s all LOVE.







Donner Dares Pack $25 img_0257-2
Well this reindeer is a little different, or should we say dares to be a little different. The other lady reindeers in Rudolph’s pack are just so fancy. And pretty. Whereas Donner…Donner just wants to blow the froth of a nice cold beer after gaining a hard-earned-thirst.







Blitzen Basks Pack $20 img_0255
Basking in her own glow is Blitzen. She doesn’t need many props to keep her shine. The same goes for her celebratory drink, she keeps it neat with a vodka on the rocks.








Cupid Cares $15 img_0253
Ahhhh. Our not so little Comet, captures our heart. Often confused in the night sky for a celestial object entering our atmosphere—she is a special one. When you shine this bright, you need everything in this Bubbles Christmas Pack of LOVE. And a strong ‘nightcap’ to go with of course. Baileys and milk? Comet will take 2.

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Much love,
Kate & Mel xox