About Bubbles

Laughing out loud.

Maybe even for us post childbirth women – laughing so much, a little bit of pee comes out or at a minimum until we have ugly scrunched up laughing faces that look attractive on nobody.

Before you know anything else about us you need to know that we know you want more laugh out loud moments.

Because so do we.

Solving your skin mystery is our jam.

Every bump, rash, dry patch and wrinkle on your skin holds a message.

And when we show you how to translate that bump, rash, dry patch and wrinkle into low lipid levels, dehydration, stress response and need for nourishment, that’s when head turning, radiantly glowing “I want what she’s having” skin can be yours.

So what is YOUR skin trying to tell YOU??

That’s where we come in.

We love all things skin.

We especially love the mind body connection because when it comes to the skin – what’s happening on the outside – is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside – physically and emotionally.

We are self-confessed holistic skincare knowledge junkies.

Give us a skin care research rabbit hole to get lost in any day of the week.

You might have heard of Horse Whisperer’s or Baby Whisperer’s…?

Well, we are ‘Skin Whisperer’s’.

We have over 20 years combined knowledge in:

  • Beauty Therapy,
  • Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga Teaching
  • Energy psychology &
  • Reiki Mastery

And its totes up to you how close we get.

You can:

  • read our website and decide for yourself (a little boring and our least favourite option but it’s there if you want it)
  • ask us a question by sending an email. (this is better cause it’s kinda like we’re chatting)
  • connect up with one of our Skinologists who will bend over backwards to make sure all of your skin needs are being met (I know – you’re welcome.)
  • chat with us one on one via phone or Skype so we can get to know you and your skin really REALLY well –we promise not in a stalkerish creepy way.
  • hang with other like-minded holistic skin care junkies at one of our Skin Potion workshops or retreats. NB. this option does come with a warning. Most of the guests return again and again and again – we are just that good at getting you to feel that good.

So, if you are ready to REALLY get to know your skin (aka your whole body mind & spirit). Let’s start a conversation right now:

SLA. (aka Skin Lovers Anonymous) – join thousands of other skin care junkies as we if we love it you will  hear about it – if we don’t – you won’t – interesting, inspiring and sometimes hilarious content found right here.

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