Here at Bubbles Organic, we have a unique and soul-full approach to skincare, as we believe that great skin begins within… We are BIG believers in Happiness First, which is why Positive Energy is our most important and most loved ingredient. We combine this with hand selected plant extracts, pure carrier oils, vitamins and antioxidants until they are jam-packed with delicious organic goodness.

The Bubbles Organic story…Kate Watt {Low Res}_02

The Bubbles Organic story began in in 2005 while Kate was studying beauty therapy at the Gold Coast Training Academy. It was during a three-day introduction to Aromatherapy module that Kate had her ‘AHA moment’. She realised she was completely hooked and had found her calling. She paid a deposit for the Aromatherapy Diploma that day and, unknowingly at the time, the foundation stone for Bubbles was laid.

With both diplomas earned, Kate was equipped with an extensive knowledge of raw ingredients and essential oils, as well as the anatomy and physiology of the skin, which gave her the right theory to start producing her own skincare range. Hungry for even more knowledge, Kate completed several additional short courses with leading industry companies specialising in formulating natural and organic skincare products.

The products have diversified a lot since those early days. The very first range was a professional use dispensary system and was used exclusively in a skin clinic Kate ran from home. She made several different bases, both creams and oils and then customized them using extracts and essential oils specifically for each client in their treatment with her. This range was not for retail sale at this point in time but it was when her clients began asking her if they could purchase the products for friends and family that Kate realized it was time to give that long held dream some more thought…

It wasn’t until she fell pregnant with her daughter Emerson that she knew it was time to get focused – she already had a son who was one at that time and knowing how difficult and time consuming one child was – she knew it would delay the process even more if the range wasn’t retail ready before her second was born and so began a crazy 6 months of formulating, designing, reformulating, writing, testing (only on friends and family of course!), more reformulating and eventually labeling, decanting and packaging until on the 9th of December 2009 Bubbles Essential Wellbeing was officially launched with only a very simple website and online shop. 3 weeks later – Emerson was born – perfect timing as everything always is…

The Bubbles Organic range continues to grow and evolve as does our vision for the company and the legacy we wish to leave in the world.  We now have a gorgeous group of people around us dedicated to making that vision a reality including our team in HQ who lovingly prepare and formulate your products and then arrange for them to be delivered safely to you.  We also have our national Skinologists, Stockists/Wholesalers for who we are eternally grateful as you are helping us to spread the Bubbles LOVE  and philosophy far and wide.

We would be honoured to join you on your wellbeing journey as we share with you all the reasons we believe that Great Skin Begins Within… x