The Bubbles Organic story…

Here at Bubbles Organic, we have a unique and soul-full approach to skincare, as we believe that great skin begins within… We are BIG believers in Happiness First, which is why Positive Energy is our most important and most loved ingredient. We combine this with hand selected plant extracts, pure carrier oils, vitamins and antioxidants until they are jam-packed with delicious organic goodness.

The Bubbles Organic story began in in 2005 while Kate was studying beauty therapy at the Gold Coast Training Academy. It was during a three-day introduction to Aromatherapy module that Kate had her ‘AHA moment’. She realised she was completely hooked and had found her calling. She paid a deposit for the Aromatherapy Diploma that day and, unknowingly at the time, the foundation stone for Bubbles was laid.

After leaving college and spending some time in a salon, Kate quickly realised two things;

One, she had no actual idea what she was putting on the skin of her clients and after reading the ingredient panel only found herself more confused than ever.

And two, she was being asked to sell a minimum of 5 products to every client regardless of whether she believed they needed them or not.

Neither of these things sat well with Kate and the foundation of the philosophy behind Bubbles was born. Skincare needed to be simplified and to be formulated using ingredients that are close to nature and safe for our skin and bodies.

Hungry for even more knowledge, Kate completed several additional short courses with leading industry companies specialising in formulating natural and organic skincare products.

Fast forward about 8 years and things at Bubbles are still growing and changing.

Most excitingly, in 2015, Kate’s first employee and sister Mel became her very well deserved business partner and together their varied individual skills blend perfectly and make running the business not only easier lots more fun.

Bubbles is now sold right around Australia with their first international stockist opening its doors in Beverley Hills late 2017.

The products are used and loved by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people leaving the girls feeling ridiculously grateful every single day.

Its true what they say – from little things BIG things really do grow.

A note from Kate and Mel;

Bubbles Organic will continue to evolve as will our vision for the company and the legacy we wish to leave in the world.  We now have a gorgeous group of people around us dedicated to making that vision a reality including our team in HQ who lovingly prepare and formulate your products and then arrange for them to be delivered safely to you.

Looking forwards, we are excited to help clear the haze and confusion around skin care ingredients and to help you see through the trickery often used in so called natural and organic products being sold today by creating a range of online courses and workshops that will arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel confident and secure about what you are choosing to use on your bodies largest organ – your skin including how to prepare your very own ‘intentional’ skin care products.  Stay tuned.

We are honoured to join you on your wellbeing journey as we share with you all the reasons we believe that Great Skin Begins Within…

Kate and Mel x