We are two sisters who love all things skin.

Not only making creams and potions for it but pretty much EVERYTHING about it. We especially love talking about it and helping you solve your skin care concerns with the combined skincare knowledge that we have.

This knowledge is over 20 years of courses like; Beauty Therapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutrition and good old research and development inside this very business which is nearly 10 years young.

We also have experience in Yoga teaching, energy psychology, reiki mastery and probably most importantly all the life balancing skills it takes to run a business as well as raise 3 children and a husband/partner whilst remaining calm, grounded and well happy – most of the time anyway lol.

So this page used to be a bit of the Bubbles history and where we came from kind of information.  We decided to change that up and tell you more about us instead (and also our amazing team member Karly!) and if you are still keen to read a bit about the Bubbles journey up until this point you will find that information below or in this blog.

So here goes;

The eldest one.  That means I get to go first right?? These questions were answered in March 2019.

Kate – Age 41

Marital Status – De Facto to Ben (Papa to Lucy)

(Divorced to Troy – Papa to Kye and Emerson)

My Kiddies. 

Kye 10

Emmy 9

Lucy 21months

Lives Tugun Gold Coast.

Favourite place to eat:

BIN72 for local hangs and GREAT food and Paper Daisy for more recently Date Nights – I actually felt like I was in Bali for a few hours. It was total Bliss.  Plus Fuel Bakehouse Currumbin for great bakery treats and coffee of course wink wink.

Favourite Book and Book I am reading right now;

Eeeeek favourite is SO hard because I love ALL the books.  Reading the book Evolve your Brain by Dr Joe Dispenza changed the trajectory of my life so that deserves a mention as well as The Honeymoon Effect by Dr Bruce Lipton.

What Im reading right now is Conscious Parenting by Dr Shefali Tsbary and Im also flicking back through The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

What is your Not Negotiable Mindfullness ritual?

Right now its Visualising a few different future events and feelings every single day and grounding… I also love to just raise my energy in the mornings using a hmmmming sound which is a Yoga practice I learned a few years ago.  As Im writing this I have been unusually unwell for a week or so and that has been one of the only things I have wanted to do..

The world is about to end and you can eat one more meal of your choice – GO!

Ohhh I would have to say my creamy tomato pasta with spinach, mushrooms, olives, pine nuts and bacon and ALLLLL the parmeson followed by either Olibolen donut’s or the Chocolate Mousse from BIN72 for desert.  Yes… Yarm….

Favourite way to MOVE your body.

My Yin and Yang are so strong here.  I love a hard and fast HIIT style workout that leaves me sweaty and sore and I also love spending an hour on my Yoga mat stretching and bending.  I choose daily based on how I am feeling and where I’m at in my cycle.

Favourite Skin Care ritual;

Smooth Face Polish definitely! I still get excited about using this product 10 years on.  It feels and smells amazing.  One of my greatest creations ever.

I love to pause after applying the polish and just take a few deep breathes – this way I get to enjoy the essential oils a bit more too and it allows the fruit extracts to do their thing on my skin and chew up all those dry ready to leave skin cells.

Favourite Bubbles Organic Product.

Hmmmm gosh.  I would have to say Restore Serum I think?  Oh that’s hard.  Nope – its Restore definitely OR Smooth… Or Creamy Clean…

Nah Restore.  It’s the bomb.  I actually feel relaxed just opening it now – my body knows its coming and actually exhales…


The younger one. 

Mel – Age 39

Marital Status – I have been married to Pete for 12 years. We have been together for 19 years.

We have Three gorgeous kids

Thomas- 11

Sophie- 8

Leila- 6

Lives: Redland Bay

Favourite place to eat:

I would have to say Tepanyaki – even though I haven’t been in years, clearly I need to get out more that’s what this question tells me yikes…….. I do love going to our local dumpling bar with my family it’s our fav.  I also love to eat out anywhere as long as I am with my friends or family.

I spend more time heading to BBQ’s than out to dinner these days which is perfect for us.

Favourite Book and Book I am reading right now;

I love books and I think it’s a family trait that we are all slightly addicted to buying them.  My favourite book and one that I pass on to anyone else who loves to read is the Alchemist, I also Love Brene browns book…….

Currently I have a few books on the go, I am reading Winging it by emma Isaacs, and Set your intention by ….. I also have a running list of books that I would like to purchase, I find this so helpful so when I am almost finished with a book I head to my list and purchase from my wishlist.

What is your Not Negotiable Mindfullness ritual?

I am a morning person & enjoy getting up before anyone else, there is something about that early time of day that makes me feel amazing, for me that sets the flow of my day so it is a non negotiable.  I dedicate 20 mins of my morning to mindfulness and this changes day to day but I have started journaling – which I LOVE and I also like to stretch, switch off and listen to a guided meditation & read a few pages of a book.

The world is about to end and you can eat one more meal of your choice – GO!

I would have to say my husbands chilli con carne with corn chips and melted cheese, or anything Mexican or Tepanyaki Japanese.

A slice of Lemon merengue or sticky date pudding to finish.

Favourite way to MOVE your body.

How I MOVE has significantly changed over the past 12 months and now I listen to what my body needs, but exercise has always been a non-negotiable for me it helps clear my mind.

I LOVE Pilates, it has completely changed the way I look at exercise,  reformer machines are my favourite but I also throw in some online Pilates classes at home as well.  I mix up my week with weight training with friends and I also love to run – crazy I know.

I am also making more time for stretching to give my body more flexibility and movement.

Favourite Skin care ritual.

This is tough because I love it all haha!

My night ritual is my favourite;

Cleansing with my customised Jojoba oil is something I enjoy daily and always makes my skin feel amazing.    I change my blend of oils with each new bottle so when I am cleansing I take a few deep breaths and breath in the oils, so I get the benefits of the oils for my mind as well as my skin.

Then of course I apply our restore serum which I cannot live without.

Favourite Bubbles Organic product.

Geez.  I would have to say Restore because I use that every single day and really feel like I can’t live without it followed closely by Smooth Face Polish and followed even more closely by my customised Jojoba Blend.

That’s a hard question lol.

That is us in the nutshell.  A very small nutshell.

For those of you still reading here is a bit more you may or may not know.

We have a ridiculously close family. We would actually choose eachother to hang out with most of the time.  The extends right up to our grandparents and all the way down to our cousins and their kids.  Its one REALLY big happy family.

We love food.  I just realised there were two food questions each above lol.  Did not even realise that when I was writing them.  We kinda live for it.  Its like – ‘wanna hang on the weekend – yeah sure – what will we eat?!?!”

We love camping.  We have been camping with our parents from when we were little and now we still do and we bring our own kids along and we all camp together.  Its noisy and hectic and the best fun ever.

We love a girl’s night out.  When we do get an opportunity to hang out as grown up’s we would choose somewhere that plays old school RNB or great live acoustic stuff.  We spent many a night barefoot in The Party nightclub back in the day till the early hours of the morning.

We dream about having a space that can house not only Bubbles and our bespoke manufacturing plant but also space for retreats and workshops and maybe even a small cafe and child care supported day spa/consult area where you can talk all things skin with us while your kids have all the fun in the kids zone. Stay tuned.




The Bubbles Organic story began in in 2005 while Kate was studying beauty therapy at the Gold Coast Training Academy. It was during a three-day introduction to Aromatherapy module that Kate had her ‘AHA moment’. She realised she was completely hooked and had found her calling. She paid a deposit for the Aromatherapy Diploma that day and, unknowingly at the time, the foundation stone for Bubbles was laid.

After leaving college and spending some time in a salon, Kate quickly realised two things;

One, she had no actual idea what she was putting on the skin of her clients and after reading the ingredient panel only found herself more confused than ever.

And two, she was being asked to sell a minimum of 5 products to every client regardless of whether she believed they needed them or not.

Neither of these things sat well with Kate and the foundation of the philosophy behind Bubbles was born. Skincare needed to be simplified and to be formulated using ingredients that are close to nature and safe for our skin and bodies.

Hungry for even more knowledge, Kate completed several additional short courses with leading industry companies specialising in formulating natural and organic skincare products.

Fast forward about 8 years and things at Bubbles are still growing and changing.

Most excitingly, in 2015, Kate’s first employee and sister Mel became her very well deserved business partner and together their varied individual skills blend perfectly and make running the business not only easier lots more fun.

Bubbles is now sold right around Australia with their first international stockist opening its doors in Beverley Hills late 2017.

The products are used and loved by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people leaving the girls feeling ridiculously grateful every single day.

Its true what they say – from little things BIG things really do grow.

A note from Kate and Mel;

Bubbles Organic will continue to evolve as will our vision for the company and the legacy we wish to leave in the world.  We now have a gorgeous group of people around us dedicated to making that vision a reality including our team in HQ who lovingly prepare and formulate your products and then arrange for them to be delivered safely to you.

Looking forwards, we are excited to help clear the haze and confusion around skin care ingredients and to help you see through the trickery often used in so called natural and organic products being sold today by creating a range of online courses and workshops that will arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel confident and secure about what you are choosing to use on your bodies largest organ – your skin including how to prepare your very own ‘intentional’ skin care products.  Stay tuned.

We are honoured to join you on your wellbeing journey as we share with you all the reasons we believe that Great Skin Begins Within…

Kate and Mel x