5 ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine…

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Can I assume that the number one reason that most of you don’t exercise or MOVE your body as much as you should or even more so would like to is the fact that you don’t have the time?? Time – what a crazy concept – its funny because we all get the same 24 hours in a day to use. People often say to me ‘I don’t know how you do it!” and you know what – some days I get to the end of the day and cant work that out myself but mmmm 5 days out of 7 – I manage to fit it in..

This generally comes back to my ‘WHY’ and yes I talk about this a lot and that is because it is IMPORTANT! If you are crystal clear about WHY you are doing something then you will always find the how… My WHY for MOVING my body every day is so that I have the energy reserves to WANT to play with my kids and to be awake enough to enjoy a nice cuppa once they have gone to bed! What I would love for you all to do right now is think about YOUR why…??

Baby steps people – it all about FORWARD motion…. x

Not the WHY that everyone else has already said – YOUR why. Why do you want the extra energy and motivation that comes with adding exercise daily??Daily exercise is VITAL to both your physical health as well as your emotional/mental wellbeing. We need to come from a place of prevention NOT cure – we can prevent bad moods, excess weight, a range of serious health issues and much more by exercising regularly.

Too right it is!

What is ‘Accidental Exercise”? It is a term used by my great friend and mentor Jennifer Jefferies in her book ‘The 7 Steps to Sanity” and its all about how to sneak exercise in when your plans to exercise all go to well you know what…

Here are 5 ways to sneak exercise into your day!

1 – Wall Push Up’s – Stand at arm’s length from the wall with your hands flat on it shoulder width apart – stand straight, feet flat on the floor – tuck you tummy in and hold your chest up. While keeping your body straight – lower yourself into a push up against the wall. SLOW AS YOU GO – the slower you do it the more resistance your create! Bring your hands closer together to increase the intensity…!

2 – Jumping Jacks – you can do these just about anywhere! The good old star jump has made a HUGE come back and the reason is that they work – no need to put on the high side flouro leotard either! There will be a link to our ‘Anytime Exercise” Pinterest board below with tips on how to use these cardio wonders daily!

3 – The PLANK! Get into it!! Again fluoro leotard is optional! Link below will have some starter info for you but you can seriously start these off with a 20 second plank and within a month have increased that to 3 even 4 minutes – these are great for a FULL BODY toning !

4 – TV/Computer arm curls – Now you can use whatever you like to add weight here – little hand weights are super cheap at the moment from places like Kmart OR you can choose to use a can of baked beans or your water bottle at the office – It doesn’t matter what – it matters when! Sneak in some arm curl reps while reading your emails or watching TV!

5 – The WALL SIT! Wow this is my favourite – I love this because you can do it absolutely anywhere! Simply sit with back up against a wall and your knees bent at 90 degrees as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair and stay there for mmmm 20 – 30 seconds to start – this might even be hard if its your first time but persist if you can! You can build this up to 3-4 minutes – this will take some time but you can absolutely do it!

The other really basic ways are taking the stairs instead of the lift, walk or ride to work or the train station where possible, play catch with your kids at the park instead of sitting on the bench checking Facebook (yes I am saying this to myself too I promise!).

Oh that would absolutely keep me squatting - AMEN...

Oh that would absolutely keep me squatting – AMEN…


And if that isn’t enough – do it because Ryan says so…mmmmmm….

Until next time…