5 REAL reasons to embrace your inner child…

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At what age do we begin to forget to play…? Im really interested in this for two reasons;

You can't help but smile when you read this and IMAGINE or remember actually doing it!

You can’t help but smile when you read this and IMAGINE or remember actually doing it!

1 – because as Mum I am determined to keep my kidlets playing for as long as I can regardless of the school system trying to teach them in Prep that they are not children and are in fact mini adults and

2 – because I LOVE to play! I love to get my my inner child on and pretend that my to do list has magically disappeared…. Like most things its not about quantity time but its about QUALITY time…

PLAY is a word that everyone will resonate with us all differently – ways to PLAY are unlimited and could be as simple as making a sand angel at the beach TO hiking up a gorgeous mountain for a sunrise OR a quick scoot to the park where you jump on the swings and remember what it was like to really feel FREE…..

Lets look at 5 proven reasons why PLAY is important in our daily routine….

It LOWERS stress
Need I say more… What we tell or in this case show our mind – it believes! Its really that simple – play which ever way you choose too and feel the stress just fall away…

It will help you sleep better
This kinda links in with the above benefit but is more of an addon – when we do things that set off the right chemical reactions in our brain – the happy ones rather than the angry scratchy ones – our body does what it is naturally supposed to do – BETTER – including sleep!

It will improve your concentration
This relates more directly to outside play but will work with indoor play too just to a lessor extent – by simply connecting with nature you can restore waning concentration levels. If you have a job that has you inside ALLLLL day then pop outside and jump on a swing for a few minutes OR better still ride or walk to work and start the day in the best possible head space…

Go on - do it!

Go on – do it!

LAUGHTER is good for your health… really!

Most of the time when we are playing – we are smiling or better yet LAUGHING! Laughing triggers the release of endorphins – the bodies natural feel good chemicals promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing and sometimes even pain relief!

It will shift your perspective

When you play and then relax – you allow yourself the time and space to see things that might be overwhelming you in a less threatening way which will improve you day and that of everyone around you (and potentially help avoid a nasty confrontation that doesn’t need to happen…)

Remember what it was like to laugh and live in wonder and to believe the world was a wonderful place full of limitless opportunities and excitement because guess what???? It still is…..

Adding some PLAY into your day will NOURISH your soul….

Till next time…