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5 EASY ways to stay sane this December

Ok so we’ve told you before – probably a few times – that we LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of the year.

But as I am sure you all know – it can come with a potentially scary flip side if you don’t stay aware of how you are feeling and check in on both your energy and sanity levels regularly.

I had an awesome session with my go to Mindful Coach Carmen this week about a weird painful feeling I have been getting in my hands lately (promise this is leading somewhere).  Ive had it before, a long time ago, when I was going through one of the toughest times in my life so far, so I knew it was connected somehow to how I was feeling because a) everything is and b) last time as soon as we cleared the issue the pain completely disappeared and yet doctors were telling me I had arthritis and would have pain for the rest of my life without medication.  This time I went straight to Carmen.

The solution – among other things – was to teach myself how to feel relaxed at home again by creating a sacred space where I go to take a breather at some point during my day.  Like lots of working Mum’s, my home is my work as well as my play and my supposed sanctuary and I hadn’t realised that this space where I should feel content and happy – was in fact becoming somewhere I needed to escape in order for me to really melt into feeling relaxed.  Not ideal when I love being home and spend lots of time here.

Then this morning, a chat in our family group text (how good are family group text’s lol.  So many hilarious moments happen in ours almost daily – the best!) about something similar one of my sisters was experiencing, changed my mind on what I was planning to write about today and I decided instead to see if I could come up with a short (hahahahaha short….), easy to implement guide for staying sane in this festive season and for as long as you like after that as well really.

So here goes;

5 EASY ways to STAY SANE this December

1 – Create your own sacred space.

Straight out of my session to you – create yourself a space where you can sit and be alone even for 5 minutes each day and regroup.

Stop over thinking this if you are already doing that.  You do not need to go to kmart and buy a new chair, rug or cushions (but totally do that if you want too!).  My space has my Yoga mat, a pillow and a book shelf where I have a candle and a few books Im reading right now.

A candle is great because that action of lighting a candle is a great little way for your brain to go ‘oh – ok its slow down time – got it’.  By starting with 5 minutes its doable for almost all of us.  I say almost because I know that for some of you even 5 minutes will feel like forever if its been a long time or ever since you have done anything like this.

You can spend as much time there as you wish but 5 minutes is a minimum.

When you are there just do whatever you like.  It might be as simple as sitting and breathing and nothing else.  You might read. You might stretch and if you are really lucky you might even lie down in Savasana (on your back with your palms facing upwards) and have a wee nanna nap.  Ahhhhh one day Kate – one day.

2 – Ground. 

Ive been reading up on this a lot lately as I am writing our new 21 day program that will go alongside our Clean Three Skin Detox kit and boy is there some power in standing barefoot on the grass/sand as a daily habit.

Like BIG benefits.

Here are just a few;

* Grounding neutralizes Free Radicals
* Grounding improves sleep, pain management and stress
* Grounding improves inflammation and immunity.

So how do you ground?  Take off your shoes and stand on the grass or sand or dirt and just breathe.  You can just stand there if you like but doing it consciously or mindfully will improve how effective it is.  I usually close my eyes and use the time to visualise something Im working on manifesting. I always feel so zen after a good grounding session at the beach. Super powerful to do it there so give it a try if you can.

3 – Random acts of Kindness. 

Everyone seems to go at a life or death pace in December and if you accidentally get in the way of one of them in a shopping centre god forbid.  People who should be enjoying themselves buying things for those that they love – are running around acting like mad people instead. SO this is where we can Be the change.

Be the ones who are sharing love instead of insanity. Smile at those crazed out people because underneath their seemingly frightening exterior is probably a stressed out Mumma trying to get everything done before she runs out of time.

Let’s all commit to at least one random act of kindness every single day.. It could be as simple as smiling at a stranger, helping someone who looks like they need some help, NOT engaging in road rage or shopping centre carpark rage even if someone does something super annoying, paying for someone’s coffee or Yoga class or whatever they are paying for after you pay.  I love to leave my coin change in the self serve machines at the shops – just little things like that.

I always buy a few presents for the Kmart Christmas Tree and the kids love choosing and wrapping them so that’s a good one too.. Or donate a few nicer things – things you still in fact love – to charity and make someone else’s day.

All of the above will make you feel giddy with happiness and happiness is the best way to avoid getting stressed.  Oh there is so much more I could say here but Id still be writing next week.  You guys will just have to come to our retreats and workshops next year to here all the juicy stuff.

4 – Hang with those who LIGHT YOU UP!

Arrange a catch up with the people who you love most EVEN if time is running out – actually ESPECIALLY if time is running out.


It doesn’t have to be an extravaganza or hours and hours of time.  Meet at a street doing Christmas lights and chat as you walk around, or meet for a quick morning tea and juice/coffee in the park OR if you have too organise a Face time chat with a group of you and share a glass of wine – even if its in different places or my favourite – somewhere I can see the ocean one late afternoon – think picnic rug, dodgy christmas carols, a drink and ALLLLLL the cheese and crackers – and olives – and quince paste… Oh food is just the best thing in life isn’t it!

Being around the people that make us feel shiney and happy is SO important for our energy levels and our sanity.

Its so easy to say we are busy or can’t fit it in but we should be treating those people with the same importance as eating or brushing our teeth because doing things that replenishes our energy is what keeps us LIVING rather than simply existing.

And lucky last………

5 – Finish your shopping SOONER rather than later. 

Because NOBODY wants to be in the shopping centres in that last week before Christmas.  Well actually I used to love it.  And it can be fun if we are feeling organised and ready but if we are the ones still trying to find stuff its just plain stressful.

We can help you out with that right here right now.

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Like seriously.

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Peace out my loves
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