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Breathe in. Breathe out. The true innate power of a simple inhale and exhale….

This week we are talking about the power of your breath.

How something so seemingly innate and ‘ordinary’ can have a profound impact on your overall state of health and wellbeing when understood and used to its highest potential.

It might seem too simple.  A bit too good to be true. That the humble act of being more consciously aware of your breath and by simply appreciating the pause that it offers you, could change the trajectory of your life completely.

This week is a little different when its comes to the expert.

This week the expert we are talking too is me.


But in all seriousness – I have earned the title.

I first became aware of the power of the breath when studying the practice of Pranayama in my Yoga Teacher Training course back in 2014.

In Yoga we learn MANY different ways to use and express the breath.

From calming slow techniques right through to the Breath of Fire which can ignite even the smallest idea into action.

What I want to talk to you about today though is what I consider the most effective breath practice – the art of the slow inhale, pause, slow exhale, pause, repeat.

And sometimes even more importantly – that pause between the breaths.

The power there is infinite.

Ecktart Tolle says “One conscious breath – in and out – is a meditation’

And its true.

We are all rushing so fast from here to there and back again that we so rarely stop and take a pause.  Taking a conscious pause between breaths whenever we are aware enough to do so – can – and will – change everything about the way you feel.

Our bodies are magical.


Let’s have a look at how one simple breath can take you from a state of stress and overwhelm into a space of calm and serenity…

So bloody simple and so bloody effective.

Breathe in for 4 counts.

Hold for 4 counts.

Exhale for 4 counts.

Wait for 4 counts.

REPEAT as often as needed.

This type of slow conscious breath is one of the ways that you can stimulate your Vargas nerve which when activated will;

  • Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response.
    • Sharpen our memories.
    • Fight inflammatory disease.
    • Help you resist high blood pressure.
    • Block the hormone cortisol and other oxidizing agents that age and deteriorate the brain
    and body
    • Block systemic (body-wide) inflammation – a major factor behind aging and poor health.
    • Help us overcome depression and anxiety.
    • Help us sleep better.
    • Raise levels of human growth hormone.
    • Help us overcome insulin resistance.
    • Turn down allergic responses.
    • Lower chances of getting stress and tension headaches.
    • Help spare and grow our mitochondria- this is a key to maintaining optimal energy levels and
    not harming our DNA and RNA.
    • Affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.

And you know what – that isn’t even the complete list because its limitless.

The benefits of bringing this practice into every day or even better every possible opportunity that presents itself (think traffic lights, toilet, washing the dishes, etc…)

We have created a FREE breath-work track that you can download simply by clicking on this link.  It’s basically me walking you through some breaths that you can listen to and use until you feel confident to do it on your own.

Every new habit begins with one first step.

Make this yours.

In peace…

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