10 reasons we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

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There is no way I could ever try and choose my absolute favourite essential oil – that is a near impossible ask of any passionate aromatherapist – in saying that – there are of course some that stand out from the rest and Frankincense is one of them…

I was a Sunday School kid growing up and always remembered it as one of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the 3 Kings… In biblical times it was equivalent to the value of
 gold and Frankincense is still used in churches to slow breathing and gain a meditative state in prayer which leads me into the reasons why it is an oil I use and recommend more than most.

Lets look at what I consider to be the 10 most amazing benefits of Frankincense oil.

Frank image

Frankincense in its natural form… a gorgeous scented resin… mmmmm (photo from ferrelljenkins@wordpress… LOVE your work!)

1 – PREVENT and REPLENISH – compressing and bathing at night for all over skin replenishment. Add one drop to your moisturiser or night cream. (or use our Be Replenished Restorative Serum which has Frankincense in it…)
Frankincense is ridiculously rejuvenating for the skin and literally softens facial lines. Massage and compress is best. (for more info on HOW to use oils ie compressing etc read more here) It also works as a spot treatment for pimples too…
2 – SO very healing – It is cytophylactic which means VERY healing so it mixes well with lavender and is especially good for damage from the sun – massage works best so the oil stays on the skin.

3 – RESTORE 101 – Helps to restore tone to slackened skin which is another reason it is good for mature skin – once again, massage and compress…

4 – Dries up fluid and puffiness, a wee bit more gently than cypress but the two work really well together – compress, bathing, shower and massaging.

5 – Foggy head remedy… Be this a headache, overwhelm, scattered thoughts or pretty much anything along these lines – rub a drop of Frankincense into your temples and feel the tension just fall away… Take a 5 minute pause while you do this to allow it to do its best work.

6 – Reduce the severity of scarring – Use with a carrier oil of your choice either jojoba or coconut oil – and massage into any scarring as often as you like. The sooner the better..! (or use our Be Replenished Restorative Serum for the added benefits of Seabuckthorn oil too!)

7 – Gain Focus – Frankincense helps you channel your focus and energy into whatever it is that needs your attention by improving your concentration.

8 – Defend and soothe your body – it increases the activity of Leukocytes, defending the body from infection. Its also PERFECT for healing new cuts and pretty much anything that hurts be that sore muscles or a new scratch! Frankincense is a healing master!

9 – Enhance your meditation practice and spiritual awareness – through connecting the soul with its inner light – this oil reveals the truth by inviting you to let go of lower vibrations and negativity. (One of my most favourite benefits – I use this oil whenever I want to make the most of my meditations and just know I need a bit more depth…)

10 – Reduce Anxiety – pop a drop into your hands and rub them together then hold your hands up to your nose and breathe calmly. Yes the slow calm breathing is also helping to tell your body everything is ok but this double duo will soon become your go to treatment if you are dealing with something difficult.

There are seriously limitless uses for this incredible natural resource and its just more proof that nature will provide. There are 14 oils we have chosen to sell as individual oils because of the benefits they can provide for you and your family and your overall skin, mind and soul wellness. Introducing essential oils into your daily life will change your life as you know it. I promise you this.

We are honestly here to help you and we genuinely want to chat you through stuff like this to work out and customise a program or a routine that is going to work for you, so if you want more information please send us an email, contact your Skinologist if you have one or give us a call at HQ on 1300LOVESKIN…

Lets be the VERY best version’s of us that we can be starting right NOW and lets do it together!

Until next time…